How to do SaaS pricing? Here's a blue-print.

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    Even though BotMeNot is still in the beta phase and I have not finally decided on pricing it looks like I'm closest to Tiered Pricing.

    Good read.


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      I'm glad you found it useful :)

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    Thanks yaag! Really interesting read, gave me a lot of insight and inspiration for my own product.

    Right now I think I will use the combination of feature- and tier-based pricing but I'll keep in mind that lots of SaaS change their model on a regular basis.

    Seems like it's a very good idea to experiment with the pricing model. Good article 👌

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      Thank you so much @Crace -- you made my day!!

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    We haven't figure out how to monetise thursday yet - currently it is free. But if we do (big IF right now) we may go the route of usage based model or offer premium features like more games or different card packs.

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    Good read and nice explanatory blog.
    I liked a lot that "80% of SaaS businesses change their pricing at least once per year".

    That's exactly the reason why we've created Pricewell,
    collect, manage and optimize subscriptions faster than ever with no-code.

    My question is: Even if you're doing great in sales with the existing billing model and the feedback you're getting is really positive, should you experiment with other kind of billing? Maybe roll out a "beta" billing to try out new opportunities?
    Is experimentation a wise thing to do as you scale, or might create higher churn?

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      I would say, even if things are working well -- there's always room for improvement. So experimenting in a small scale is always worth the risk -- you know what works and what doesn't. The key is you don't bother your existing customers as part of the experiment (for example: if you are increasing your price). Always value the ones who trusted and invested in you early.

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