How to drive traffic to landing page?

Hey! I'm Trying to validate if FarSpeak (https://farspeak.co, a new translation SaaS I want to build) is worth pursuing.

I have created a landing page, and posted to free resources like hacker news and here on indie hackers, but basically only got 1 subscriber

Now I'm trying twitter ads with a small budget, but conversion still seems pretty low, is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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    Hey Oscar, by far the best (but also the most time consuming) way is building an audience. For example on Twitter (this is what I‘m doing recently). Just start today, it‘s an investment in the long term.

    What you can do to thrive customers quickly to your page:

    Good luck 🍀

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      Thanks a lot for the advice! I completely re-did the landing page and I switched the audience on twitter, lets see how that works, if nothing comes out then I will probably move to reddit, see how that performs

      I wonder what are the bests reddits to post such a landing page

      Also, not really launching, just trying to capture emails

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        When posting self-promotion in Reddit you have to be careful (not many subreddits allow that, you have to be clever).

        Regarding the question how to find the best Subreddits: Try out a SaaS by a fellow Indie Hacker @thefedorationhttps://gummysearch.com/


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          Thanks Dennis!
          Self-promotion is cool, but you can't beat indies promoting other indies :)

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      I second this advice!

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    Nobody so far mentioned anything about your landing page.
    The title says only "farspeak" and the page is extremely text-heavy.

    If you don't want to lose visitors, explain what you do with an image and a couple of sentences. Everything else can be placed in lower sections or other pages.

    If your call to action is to receive sign ups to your newsletter, it shouldn't be given so little attention. Bring it to the top of the page. Explain why should someone join the newsletter (50% off which price? I can't find a price) and give them a better incentive.
    Join as a beta tester is a better reason (you'll need to tell them more than that though).

    My suggestion is to make the image animated (to clearly show your software in action) and have it on the right side of the hero image. On the left side, use a couple of sentences to explain what it is.

    Alternatively, you can have a "1-minute video explainer."
    Below that, your newsletter with a clear incentive and call to action.

    Do this, and if people need what you are offering, they will sign up like mad.

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      Valuable feedback! I disagree on the page been extremely text heavy, but I clearly see your point on the rest, thanks a lot!

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    have you tried connectring with community managers in co-working spaces and offering credit to startups they select?
    from my experience, once startups can afford to get into co-working spaces, some of them need to invest in i18n tools like poeditor etc.

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      I haven't even launched the app, I'm just testing the idea and seeing if there is demand for it

      That being said, that is a good tip! thanks a lot!

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    I wonder if you can improve on the language a little? The language on the landing page sounds a little tentative, more "this is something I might build" than "this is something I will be shipping soonish".

    In relation to the advertising, it is certainly possible to target advertising very badly. Perhaps changing keywords and/or platforms will get you closer to your audience?

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      Thanks a lot for the advice, you are right, I will change the wording

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