How to easily authenticate users?

Have you ever used Auth0 (https://auth0.com) as a login flow for a mobile app? We're currently exploring this option for a consumer-facing iOS app, but it seems like a heavy-handed solution. What do folks typically use for authentication and user management?

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    I have used passport.js for heavy duty settings that required more scale and Firebase auth for quick personal projects. Firebase is by far the easiest I have encountered, especially when doing "Sign in with Google" or a similar 3rd party.

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    From my experience, Auth0 is not worth it unless you have pretty complex authentication needs. I much prefer Firebase Auth.

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      Hmm! Firebase does look fairly straightforward! We've been using a number of AWS services (EC2/S3), so didn't really consider Firebase for just auth. Seems like a possible solution though. Thanks!

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    I'm using Auth0 and I'm not happy with the response time, sometimes it's very slow.
    Lately I'm using it to communicate machine to machine and that part it's expensive.
    I'm stuck until I find a better candidate T_T

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      Hopefully not as slow as my response time to this thread! 😅

      We ended up choosing Firebase Auth bc it was pretty simple to integrate and let us design our login page. But we haven't seen it at scale yet.

      Was this the first time you integrated with an auth provider like Auth0?

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    If you're already on Amazon stack, you may want to consider Cognito: https://aws.amazon.com/cognito/getting-started/

    I have been pondering this question myself - and I did not like giving up control with Auth0. The Url for auth0 free tier is not clean (not my domain). I'm considering Firebase Auth, Cognito, or DIY with express-session

    I had implemented Auth0 on my site - feel free to take a look: https://www.habitapp.app/ I will be moving away from this.

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      Hey, thanks for sharing!

      Yeah I can see why you might want to move away from Auth0. It looks like the login page isn't very customizable? We ended up chasing Firebase Auth because it let us design our own login page.

      Just curious though.. do you know what lead you to originally choose Auth0?

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        Auth0 has really good SEO so when I'm searching for auth solutions / comparing products, they frequently have many blogposts on Page 1 of Google results. I checked them out on stackshare and other tech stack comparison sites. It seemed somewhat popular and easy to plug in, so I decided to try it. I'm sure there are ways to make it work for you and customize the solution but I don't really like how it comes out of the box at first glance.

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    yes! i've used this and we're looking at it right now to speed up some of the work that i'm doing my small app, YEN.

    it really depends on how many auths / logins you want to entertain. my guess is that this might be too early for you. figure out your starting point, your starter community, and build a really small mvp.

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