How to Easily Increase your Startup's visibility and Receive new Opportunities

A few months ago, I was hired by a Big Tech Company in Amsterdam as a Startup Scout. As I was looking for more information regarding the role of a Scout and how to succeed in that position, I figured out that there weren’t that many articles to help me on this journey. I also realized that it wasn’t easy for Startups to get recognized, which will make my job of finding them even harder.

Being more accessible and easy to find by the Scouting Teams is a real competitive advantage as the competition is getting tougher and tougher. By scouting hundreds of startups each day, I noticed a pattern. I came up with 5 rules that could significantly increase the chances of a startup to be noticed by Scouting teams. To be found more easily means Startups are more accessible and therefore will get more opportunities offered to them.

Here are my best advices :

  1. Be registered to as many databases as you can
  2. Create a strong website
  3. Get recognized by writing articles
  4. Have all of your employee’s information easily accessible
  5. Expand your Network

You can the read the full article to have more insights. I hope it will help you to receive new opportunities, and feel free to shoot me a DM if you have further questions. 👌

Link to the full article: https://medium.com/@eliot.couvat/how-to-easily-increase-your-startups-visibility-and-receive-new-opportunities-4b9dfefeaaa

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    Great! Do you have any other helpful link to grow a community?

  2. 1

    Great write up. I work for a Micro VC, we do scouting for investment and corporate innovation projects regularly. Thanks for making this! @EliotC

    1. 1

      Happy that you liked it! I'm following some of your projects on IndieHackers, you're doing a good job (I particularly like Virtual Mojito) keep going @felix12777! 💪

      1. 1

        Thank you so much @EliotC!!! Likewise, if I can be helpful. Please let me know :)

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    Hey, I completely agree with your advices. I am also in your shoes right now and I think I am following all the options except point 3. Get recognized by writing articles. Can you elaborate this point?

    1. 3

      Hey @osamakhan, as I'm saying in the article, your company has to be related to as many keywords as possible. By writing articles, you increase your chances to be more easily findable. I used to scroll up to the fourth page of google but rarely more. It's not that hard to appear in the top 4 pages of google for specific keywords. I truly encourage you to write interesting articles about a subject related to the expertise of your company. It's the best way to bring value and appear in the top results in Google.
      I hope it helped you! 🔥

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    Hi Eliot, thnx for sharing.

    Your article reminded me of another article from a fellow Indiehacker. He reviewed Betalist. It's like a coming soon database for Startups. You might find it helpful.


    1. 2

      I didn't know Betalist but it seems a super useful tool to scout new startups, I'll definitely take a look at it, thanks! 🙏

  5. 1

    Thanks for sharing!😎

    1. 1

      Hope it helped you! ✌️

      1. 1

        Yes! Simple but powerful🚀

  6. 1

    Thanks for sharing @EliotC! Do you have the link to the full article? :)

  7. 1

    I find it really interesting. Thanks for sharing Eliot

    1. 1

      Thanks @Ocei, I really appreciate it! 😉

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