How to finally Launch?

Hi everybody.

I'll try being short. I'm a guy who is still battling the perfectionist within and the guy keeps on giving punches.

My current state: I have created a product that is ready for launch. I have a small guide once users create an account, but most of people don't get it at first. Whoever I explain for 15 seconds, they get it right away and see the value.

I wanted to make an intro video to explain those and just post it on Youtube.

The struggle I'm having with the perfectionist is I'm not sure what should be first steps to grow the user-base and introduce the product in a proper way, thus I'm constantly delaying the launch.

It was not short, but thanks for reading.

The app is yet another notes app, but with a twist that notes are chat messages.

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    Hey man!

    I feel what you're saying. I've been in the same place for a while now. Should've launched it a few MONTHS ago but kept postponing with reasons like:

    • I wanted to create an amazing landing page because I thought that should be the base point that I should start from. Meanwhile, I'm not a designer....Eventually I put something together
    • I didn't have a video that introduces the solution. That's what's on a great landing page usually.
    • I didn't have video tutorials on how to use it.

    I then realised I "need" all that gear to film. I went and bought a mic, camera, lights them, learned how to record and edit. Battled the audio because microphone wasn't loud enough on the recording. Figured out the lights....eventually I got it.

    Guess what? I launched the landing page I built myself without a designer, without the videos, without tutorials. Why? Because it would've taken me even more to get every video edit right. The music, transitions or who knows what else I think about.

    I will add them eventually. As of now, it's okay without it. It's not going to hurt if I add them later. They're already made.

    One thing I learned from this is that it's exhausting to worry about so many things when in fact they don't actually hold you back from launching or doing something. It's only you - not you, but in the general sense - that stops you from doing stuff.

    I can recommend Loom to film your video. Browser based tool that allows you to film your screen and yourself. Super easy to get stuff going and you don't need to go the route I went - which is more painful the more I think about it.

    Good luck dude ^__^

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      Hi Stefan,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your story and experience, means a lot to me to see something with my own eyes. The exhausting part I can totally relate to.

      I'll Loom my way out of this and just push it through. Thanks for saving me hours of thinking and doubt. I'll think when it's out, I'll think when people say something about it, and not just me.

      Thanks! 😊

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    And just do it. You can always re-launch. Nobody will care if you come back in 3 weeks with an adjusted product. Try no to overthink it.

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      Got it. Thanks for the sum-up!

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    The first step is to show your product where your potential customers are.
    It can a community, like Indiehackers or Reddit or even a Facebook group.

    Show your product and ask for feedback.
    Then, collect the feedback and iterate from that.

    Rinse and repeat until you have a product easy to sell, then you'll be able to scale it!

    I created a Notion Dashboard that helps you build your launching strategy (and 400+places to post your startup). If you want to check, I'm sure it can be helpful: userbooster.co

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      Got it, thanks a lot for reaching out and the tips, your approach make sense 👍

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