Money March 26, 2020

How to financially survive and thrive during recessions

Kris Borghesan @Kborghesan

During these immensely challenging times, it's more important now than ever to build (and continue) building a solid foundation for your finances.

I know all too well how these times can impact small businesses, startups, and employees of such - it definitely should not be taken lightly.

As someone who has a lot of friends and family that are currently feeling the pressures of the economic uncertainty, I put together a resource that is applicable to anyone, everywhere, on the Savology blog.

Seeing that this is a community of product makers, founders, creators, etc. I hope that this is a good resource to personally help you out if you are feeling a little overwhelmed and confused about your own financial picture at the moment.

Have a read (below) and let me know your thoughts.

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