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How to Find Competitors. My best practice.

Hey Indies

My name is Kirill. I'm an ambitious indie hacker from Russia, Saint-Petersburg😅
And it's my story how both I and my co-founder @standiz were found a bunch list of competitors for our product.

1/ I used alternativeto.net to find competitors by the same tags, it was ~100. I manually picked the most similar. So, there are 46 competitors in the table list in Notion.

2/ And we started our research... We checked the company on Crunchbase and Owler to find out where it is from, how many years it on the market, whether there is funding and how much, their ARR, analytics stats. This helped us measure the competitors by the company size.

3/ We visited each landing page and went to the main sections. We analyzed their pitch, features, pains and noted them in the table. Then we sign-up in their app tool to test UI/UX and also find curious features. It's really painstaking work, but it lets better vision.

4/ We tested competitors' tools on Desktop and Mobile. Then we rate them by the UI/UX, stability, features, and also we compared them by price🤑

So it brought us a new bag of features, knew our competitors face-to-face, understood our main target, and simply got helpful insights🕵🏼📊

P.S. We built the light and fun survey maker for providing customer experience surveys, validate ideas, gather MVP feedback. You can check MetaSurvey way on IH https://www.indiehackers.com/product/metasurvey

My Twitter - https://twitter.com/rtkirill

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    True! That`s a real hard work to analize your competitors. Sometimes you are lazy or wont find time to analize 40+ competitors. You maybe scared to find killer-competitors. But in the end all the hard analytics work pays off!

    You will find golden insights, market capacity and whether you are fitting in the market early on, not wasting years and close after thousands of hours of work.

    [Important!] Better to do market research even before the MVP phase!

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