How to find leads as a freelancer (on autopilot)

Hello guys,
The last months we have been helping a lot of freelancers find clients to work with!


With https://loopcv.pro

Our service sends automatically emails and applies on their behalf which makes it super easy for anyone to start.

The only thing that you have to do is create an email template that describes who you are and why a company would work with you.
Loopcv then will send every day automatically emails to companies (zero effort required)

Give it a try => https://loopcv.pro


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    I don't want to sound aggressive but I'd never use this.

    This might be useful for people looking for full-time job but as a freelancer I create custom pitch for everyone I reach out to.

    Otherwise, you're just playing numbers game.

    TL;DR I don't think this product is for freelancers

    1. 1

      I'm sorry but I have to second this. The custom pitch for each leas as a freelancer is what has landed me clients. Like @AthosBlade is saying this could be good for job-seekers.

    2. 1

      Great comment!

      That's a great example of feedback.


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    Cool concept! If you’re uploading CVs wouldn’t this be a better fit for job seekers? Not freelancers?

    Either way it’s a great service. Did you build it with LowCode? Looks like a perfect Airtable/Integromat stack opportunity

    1. 1

      Indeed the existing version is more close to job seekers.

      We have a lot of freelancers using the tool using email link.
      So a workaround for now is to add links in the email template so that a company can open the email and click your portfolio link.

      This is a custom implementation.


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