How to Find Product-Market Fit?

Hey Indie Hackers! I'm working on my early-stage SaaS product Getlanding.io – an automatic landing page generator.

Can you share your knowledge on finding a product-market fit?

What should I do to find PMF? Any strategies? Any tips?


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      Thanks a lot, Dinesh. Much appreciated.

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      Thanks a lot. Petar! I'm going to read this soon.

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    A lot of people say you only know PMF when you have it, not before. I believe it is kind of true, but you can definitely do things to work on reaching it.

    I think first you need to think of what would be PMF for you. I usually talk about PMF as that my customers are willing to pay for my solution. But to reach that goal, you first need to prove you are solving a problem and for which customer. Then that your solution can solve that problem. Find out what value you are bringing to your customer, or understanding their "reasons to buy", before validating that they are willing to pay.

    Proving these different parts starts with writing down all the assumptions that you have about your customers, their problems, your solutions, their reasons to buy, etc. Then start from the beginning by interviewing your potential customers and really understand the problem that you are solving. After that you can start running more experiments to validate all of the most important assumptions, working your way to PMF.

    Keep in mind that this can take quite some time. I believe it takes up to 24 months to reach product-market fit (Say 3 months for the problem, 9 months for the solution stage, and another 12 months for the revenue model).

    I'm actually just started writing a book about this, after creating the NEXT Canvas about 6 years ago, to help startup founders with this journey from a great idea to a business model that works.

    If you are interested, the canvas: https://togroundcontrol.com/canvas/, and the book: https://infourstepstoscale.com

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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      Ho Timan. You made my day, man! Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I like your canvas and I would want to read your book.

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        I would love to have you as a beta reader. I'm planning on sending out a very minimal first draft to learn what is still unclear and where I need to add more. I am writing the book the same way as I would build a problem-solving startup, so lots of experiments and getting the book in the hands of customers.

        If you'd like to be a beta reader as well, could you sign up so I can contact you in a few weeks? https://infourstepstoscale.com/


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            Wow, that was weird. I use cloudflare to secure my WordPress install and it works when I'm logged in, but not when I'm logged out. It should work again, thank you for finding out!

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              Let me know when I can subscribe again.

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