How to generate 700+ leads in 24 hours and get featured by Product Hunt (Spending $0)

So... this is what happened yesterday 👇

growth hacking template notion

top 2 product hunt

I'm also following the discussion on Twitter. Take a look!

Ok, that's enough

So... the other day, we launched at PH.

My colleague Jesús at FROGED and I have created a free Notion template to organize all our growth initiatives and we decided to launch it to the public.

Here's the link

How did we do it?

I'm gonna share all our tips, tricks, wins, fails, what worked, what didn't... I'll tell you everything!

Here are the stages we went through:

  • Planning, KPI's and Goals
  • Promotional plan
  • Launch day
  • Results

Planning, KPI's and Goals

We started to work on this back in December. So we've spent an entire month preparing this launch to make sure we were doing the best campaign we could.

We had the following KPIs to measure the success of the campaign and its ROI:

  • Number of leads generated
  • From those leads how many converts into our free plan?
  • From free plan users how many converts into a paid one in a 3-month period?

And our goal was:

  • 100 leads
  • 3% conversion rate for paid plans

Besides KPIs and goals, we made sure to have the following before launch day:

✅ Hunter for our product (we had the Head of Marketing @ Product School)
✅ We used previewhunt.com to see how our PH page would look like
✅ We scheduled our product on PH 7-day before the launch date
✅ Promotional plan in place

Promotional plan

This is a critical step of the campaign. At FROGED, like many other early-stage startups, we don't have –yet– a huge following in terms of audience.

We went ahead and brainstormed how we could promote the launch without spamming people but, instead, adding value that indirectly promoted our template.

My tip here is that you SHOULD know who your Ideal Customer is and who your buyer and user personas are. Especially if you're in the B2B space (like us).

After a huge research process, here's our promotion table:

content promotion plan

Launch Day

We managed to be at the top 2 for around 6 hours, which is great.

The first 4-5 hours are crucial. Make sure to be at the top 5 when people wake up in the US. You'll need it! ✅

We had limited 'bullets' to push our product to the top 10, so we decided to segment all our actions throughout the day:

All the following is based on the CET timezone (since we're based in Spain).

9:00 am: We emailed our database to the India + Asia users.
10:00 am: We emailed our European users
12:00 pm: Big push sending a "newsletter" from Product Hunt to 13k ProductHunters.
2:00 pm: Started to post on Facebook Groups (PH-specific groups)
3:00 pm: We emailed our USA + Canada + LATAM users

Then, we had a blog post ready, which indirectly promoted the template. Here's it: 👇


4:00 pm: We started to post the blog post in Hacker News, Indie Hackers, GrowthHackers, and Zest.
5-6:00 pm: We promoted the blog post in relevant subreddits within Reddit.
6:00 pm: We finally posted in non-PH specific Facebook groups.


  • 700+ qualified leads
  • 10% conversion rate to free plan users
  • We got the 10th position
  • They featured us in the newsletter 👇

product hunter newsletter

We're now measuring how many are converting into paid plans :)

What worked and what didn't

✅ The "product" solves a real problem.
✅ Planning. We spent an entire month planning this launch.
✅ Segmenting our 'pushes'. This gave us a consistent stream of incoming upvotes and leads.

⛔ We need to improve our promotion plan. Especially Twitter. We missed a huge opportunity there.
⛔ We also need to improve the 'way' we genuinely give value to users in channels like Reddit, IH, Slack channels, etc.

I've published a thread on Twitter with more in-depth details about the launch day. Take a look and share with me some love!

Read you in the comments!

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    Thx for sharing! Really good piece of content for me. I am more IT than marketing. I will take it for my future promotion of my product. Currently I am preparing to open product to the public.

    1. 1

      Glad to hear! Let me know when you launch the product 😊

  2. 2

    I really appreciate this post. Very thorough and transparent. I've seen a couple other guides on how to post to PH, and this is the best. Thank you so much.

    1. 1

      You are welcome! Let me know if I can be of any help!

  3. 2

    Congrats 🎉. Great post

  4. 2

    What a exciting day, great job guys, and thanks for sharing!

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