How to get a free cool domain and hosting from Google

🖐 Hi, guys! I'm making a lot of products and 90% of them are failed, similar to other founders. You know these tries — didn't find a market fit, too complicated product or you just got tired of making a thing.

But for every new product you're buying a new domain, spend money, and after some time your product is probably going failed. So, why to spend money if you don't know rather your product will be successful or not?

🚀 I am proposing a new way — get free domains, test an MVP, and if the MVP is succeed — only then buy a cool .io or .ai domain. Fortunately, Google is providing you with free .web.app domains which look are pretty good for an MVP! Besides that, you get a free hosting too! So as free backend and database services! But, let's go to domains.

1️⃣ Go to firebase.google.com and create a project

Be careful in choosing a project name. You need a unique name for your domain without any numbers Google adds to your domain.

As you see, Google adds numbers after our project name. That's because our original project name is already taken and you need to choose something else if you want a beauty name in your domain without any numbers and not something like this — maxrand-cd962.web.app

Yea, like this! Your website name will be maxrandsite.web.app

2️⃣ After Firebase had created the project, go to a Hosting tab, set it up and here is your domain!

Also, you can get a free hosting for the domains(10 GB/M), add custom domains you bought, and check for stats! And a backend, a database, an auth and so on are free there!

Enjoy and test your MVPs for free🙏

And here is a website I created today via this method — https://maxrand.web.app, I send best startup hacks like this there every week.

Thank you! Do you know any other methods of getting free domains?

    1. 1

      Interesting! When will be the launch? :)

      1. 2

        Not sure yet. I need to launch this campaign first and see how it goes. The cost of DNS infrastructure is a decent cost.

        1. 1

          Ok, I recommend you to build some kind of a newsletter to keep people updating of the things. Also look at flipper zero kickstarter launch and their reddit activity, it's amazing and could help

          1. 1

            Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely look into that.

  1. 1

    Cool tip :)! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 1

    It's a pretty cool tip, thanks!

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