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How to get clients...

Ronan Wall @Ronana

There are lots of ways to find clients but what’s been most successful for you? Added context on how you got your first clients is also welcome

How do you find most o your clients when feeelancing?
  1. Word of mouth
  2. Free social media marketing
  3. Paid social media marketing
  4. Paid search
  5. FB or LinkedIn groups
  6. Platforms like Upwork or Dosen
  7. Other
  1. 1

    Never head of Dosen. Im curious how people find clients without these platforms, as i hate Upwork charging both parties when they should only charge the client side :/

    1. 2

      Word of mouth is often the most common answer when i have asked this question on other forums. In truth that only works after a year or so of delivering high quality work. Before that it's cold messaging on Linkedin, social advertising etc. Some platforms are designed for you to more easily promote yourself (with content, sharing options) + promote you through their own channels

      1. 2

        Word of mouth could be helpful if you’ve a lot of clients eg: graphic designers can get 30/40 clients a year easy.

        For me, as developer i often get two/three clients a years tops (Long term projects). Word of mouth wont help people like me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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