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How to get initial followers on Twitter?

Hey, influencers!

I've launched my Twitter recently, and I'm confused about how to grow it the right way.

I know the content is the key feature of any social media profile and I figured out some content types:

  • Short (5-10 tweets) threads about different things I researching about
  • Single tweets (its harder to make to unique and interesting)
  • Also, I will keep my build-in-public logs there when an idea will pass its validation

Also, to have some initial followers I:

  • Follow people I found interesting (also small profiles to be noticed)
  • Comment posts

I still super small and my aim, for now, is to get some followers to have some feedback from them because it's hard to set up my content if no one will consume it.

Maybe I can have any advice from you, indie bloggers:

  • How do get initial followers to have some feedback?
  • How to promote my content without spamming or paid promotion options?

I will happy with any comment, thank you in advance!

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    Identify 10-15 influential accounts you admire and who have good engagement.
    Go in their replies, add to the conversation, give meaningful replies. Dont restate what they have already said.

    That's the best way to get very early visibility.

    You should also follow like minded people from those replying.

    One tip, DM everyone who follows you, try to have a real human conversation. Talk about what they do and share a bit about what you do. Make a connection.

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