How to get your product listed in IH products page?

Folks, I set up a new product that I released last week but it is not appearing in IH products. What am i missing?
If you search IH for "Workli" you will see my post about it (and I, of course, can see it in my profile) but if you search for "Workli" in IH products you don't see it there?

Can anybody advice?

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    Maybe you're running into something that's annoying for me, too: the "normal" search on IH doesn't search products. You have to use the "search" in the products sidebar and scroll down to find yours (I found it):
    Image of IndieHackers product sidebar

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      @PaoloAmoroso @Glench
      Thank you both for your help. Yes, you are correct, searching as per the image above does show it.
      The strange thing is that even when you put an exactly matching term it does not list it at the top and hence i couldn't see it. Maybe there is a bug on the search algorithm or because of all the other filters the search results order is not intuitive..
      In any case, you solved my problem! thank you both


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        yeah it seems kind of buggy to me, too, but maybe it's the sort order? Happy to help and hope your product goes well!

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    The product is already live, I can see it in your profile. I'm not sure searches are supposed to return products.

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      But if you go to IH products I cannot find it....how do I get it listed there?

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        Have you already clicked Add Your Product here?

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          Indeed I did, this is why I am confused....

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