How to give good feedback as a client

Something I learned pretty early on in my business while hiring other contractors to work with me was how to give good feedback.

I also taught this similar process to any new clients I took on to make my own life easier 😂

What it comes down to is the difference between prescriptive and descriptive feedback.


  • Make this logo bigger
  • This needs to be more blue
  • Can you make this "pop" more? 🤯


  • The logo size makes it difficult to see on our landing page
  • This blue does not match our brand guidelines
  • The CTA blends into the page

See the difference?

Prescriptive feedback takes away your opportunity to flex your creative muscle and show that you know what you are doing.

Descriptive feedback "describes" what change someone wants and why. This gives you so much more power to make changes or stand firm on your decision.

This is one of the "simple" ideas I learned in the past 5 years that has had such a multiplier effect on how I run my projects.

Try it out on your next project.

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