How to grow your Twitter account?

I am just starting out with Twitter. This is for a productivity app I am building. I am trying to get an audience before we launch.

I see so many articles on how to grow after you have more than a few followers. I was wondering if you had any tips and tricks for growing an account literally starting from 0. I just created an account a few weeks back and I am starting from 0 and do not have any real followers anywhere.

So my question is, how do you get started from 0 followers?

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    If you have zero or less than a few hundred don't really bother tweeting your own. Just reply to convos and add value. Also, make an interesting bio and cover image so people who click on your profile want to follow you. Just did that for the past two weeks and went from 100 to 200 followers. But it does take hours every day...

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    I think what the most threads say is consistency.

    I don't have any credibility in there (just started as well) but my approach is to tweet once a day, focusing on giving the people something back and showing them on what I am working instead of asking things and starting some blog posts which redirect to my twitter :-)

    Then simply do the same thing over and over again. That is my approach ;-)

    Maybe that helps.

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