How to keep the momentum going?

I am at the last stage of building a job board for a niche market. The development is nearly done and I feel like I am losing interest...

Has anyone experienced this before? What are the things that helped you to keep going?

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    I have the exact same problem. It's normal because Job Boards are tough businesses to kick off. And to be honest, i didn't know it before I start :) It's extra hard when you don't have an audience as well.

    What I do? I outsourced the manual job entries. I am no longer entering any job offers for my job boards. What I do? I focused on finding other routes to interest people. Currently building a feature that may interest my audience. Maybe you can go, outsource the tedius tasks and focus on creative side more. This way you will have something challenging to solve while maintaining the ongoing process.

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      Thanks for the reply. It's a chicken and egg problem from what I have learned after doing it for a little while. I try to keep it simple and make incremental work every day, bit by bit as opposed to thinking of the tons of things I need to do which puts me off from keeping the whole think afloat.

      I am currently focusing on back-filling the jobs and researching the sources of new vacancies I can scrape.

      Would you mind sharing what service you used to outsource the data entry? How expensive it is?

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