How to launch on Product Hunt, a detailed guide

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    Is it just me or is that a massive amount of dance steps to go through for 1,000 people to take a look at your stuff? I mean it sounds like you are hoping to be king for a day and then maybe a week and then... What if your gunning for mass ive adoption numbers? Most of these 1,000 that come to eyeball aren't going to buy or join something on a daily or even weekly basis or they would be drowning in stuff. What am I missing?

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      How many acquisition channel do you know that are:

      • 100% free
      • popular enough to bring you up to 10k visitors/day
      • monitored by the whole startup/maker industry?

      So yeah, of course, if the PH audience does not match your target customer you should probably don't launch there.

      Otherwise it's a no-brainer

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    Very nice article. Good job!

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    Hey, That was a nice article. I launched "firehunt.io" the other day, and we were the #3 product of the day. Here are some of my views.

    "So schedule your post just after 12 am PST"

    • I would suggest that too but in my opinion, it's better to go for 12:05 or 12:10 (a whole bunch are launched at 12:00)

    "If you want maximum exposure and traffic, you should launch on --Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday"

    • That is totally right. If you want to see some traction go for the weekdays even Monday is fine (PH is dead on Sundays)

    "The GIF is not really a thing nowadays, as they don’t auto-play."

    • Gifs are cool I would suggest. It gives the users a little surprise (When they hover)
      But make sure that the first frame makes sense (And it is not just blank). As this becomes your logo.

    "It was super important in the first days of PH to be “hunted” by a super famous member of PH. It’s not really the case anymore."

    • That's true. At least in my case, I had almost no followers and barely any points, but I decided to hunt "Firehunt" myself.
      And it went well. As it turns out it is more important to make a good product.

    Just in case if you are curious
    Firehunt ph - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fire-hunt

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    The hardest part for me at least is building an audience. Any tips on that?

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      That's definitely hard to do - especially from scratch. I'm a big fan of Twitter for it, I wrote a post about it → https://www.indiehackers.com/post/6-tips-to-grow-your-twitter-audience-organically-741391b2d3

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        Thanks for the reply. Will check it out!

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    Thanks for the post, I'm planning on doing a re-launch on my product (haven't shared it on Product Hunt when I launched it a few years ago). I built https://corepo.org a while ago as a search engine for b2b market research. It's not my main gig at the moment but I'd like to bring a new dynamism for the platform.
    Your article will definitely prove useful! :)

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      Great! Let me know how it goes!

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