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How to launch the future of email?

Lucas Valdes @lucasvaldes

Hello! My name is Lucas and I am the Co-Founder of Zendit. Our mission is to build the best email experience of all time! We believe that email should be about creating relationships rather than filtering threads.

The product will be launching next month and I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to grow the waiting list and gain some exposure? We tackled FFF with huge success and we are struggling to make our post gain traction and virality on social media.

If you also don't like your email, I would love to get in touch and have a talk!

Check Zendit out: . Would love your feedback!

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    Interesting concept. How's your functions and features look like? @lucasvaldes

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      Hi Felix! Would love to show you the product one day if you have time! If not, any feedback or suggestion of features would be great too.

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        It’s my pleasure. When will be the launch?

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    I'm looking for an email service where I can have a shared inbox, tag users for email marketing purposes, chat with teammates about an email conversation, mail system must have webhooks so I can create an automation that says if I get an email from this Gmail user who is already tagged add those emails into this folder. Zoho and Gmail sort of have these. I need to basically filter out a ton of messages based on leads that I'm generating. Chatbased messaging is nice, it looks pretty but honestly I'm looking for functionality if my company is emailing 10,000 people a month and I have two people I need to be able to sort those 8,000 replies by their funnels so that way myself and admins don't get confused who we are talking to. If you think about the way chatbots operate someone comes to your website they talk to your chatbot you tag them with the chatbot and you put those guys in a certain category so you know to follow up with them. The web hooks are important because if I get a reply back from a tagged user that contains xxxxxxxxccc message phrase send an email to my email parser address so that I can parse the email and run my other automations based off of that such as sending a text message sending out automated voicemails etc.
    Which basically means I need API access and API key so I can have the guys that Pabbly Connect add the integration. The service for this should basically be $5 a month for unlimited email addresses to make sure you guys don't end up running over the cost you could include 10, 000 automations a month for the $5 plan. To gain traction you can do an LTD for $75 for the basic $5 monthly plan so that you can get early adopters and marketing guys make really good really adopters because they will let you know how to improve your product and they will also be your affiliates. There's a ton of email programs most of them cost way too much money which makes it unviable. I don't suggest building apps because that's very costly just a website interface is good enough. If anyone knows of a good mail system that already has these features let me know. Zoho is a big no because they charge per user so accounts, sales, support, and any other team cost extra which is pretty stupid when you compare it to service providers that offer unlimited emails so you don't have to worry about your bill creeping up on you or emails not being utilized enough. Gmail is Gmail and it doesn't have shared inboxes so that means the support team can't work off of one email address I mean they could technically if they're all logged in with the same user and password but what we can't do is tell who sent that email if anything bad were to happen like a support guy sending out a bad email to a client. I've already had developers play that blame game. Being able to sort incoming emails into folders is critical. Being able to trigger automations based off of replies from users with keywords is important for an example the word demo if someone's referring to the word demo they most likely want your demo right so if we send them into that demo automation we'll know right away if they go down the funnel or not if that's appropriate for them so in a way it's like smart newsletters. Got a ton of ideas for you man hopefully you can build a amazing product that'll change the marketing industry there's a lot more money in that and as society progresses what student would not want to automate putting all of their teachers emails into a folder so they don't miss an email or an assignment. This way even their promotional emails can be separated into individual folders say for example any user email address with Uber in it should go into my Uber folder that way I have all of my business receipts in one place. so there's still a lot of room for innovation when it comes to email but you also have to get the price point right right now I'm paying $3 a month for unlimited emails. There's a lifetime deal on MX for email hosting you might want to check out you could probably work with that company as they have good revenue but they're not really innovating their product that much. Size limits for email inboxes is also important 10 GB I think is too much for one email 10 GB for a company I think is a good size limit and any companies that need more than 10 GB per month of storage can be charged appropriately another 10 GB for $10 a month something like that so that way you're not paying out the wazoo for storage. You should also create a public roadmap that's accessible on your platform and put it in the footer of your website so that other people can offer you suggestions. There's a good deal on one that I'm using it's called Product stash and it's on appsumo right now it's a simple product and for a lifetime deal I think it would be key for your business and if you ever change businesses you can always build a new roadmap.

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      Hello! That's a lot of great ideas and very good points!!. Thanks so much! Would love to show you the product one day if you have time! If not, any feedback or suggestion of features would be great too.

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    @lucasvaldes - I'm not clear on the value proposition of a chat-based email.

    Most email providers offer an optional thread or conversation view. That's essentially like a chat experience. I don't particularly have a need for that, since most email discussions (replies, and replies to replies) also maintain the history of the discussion.

    Plus, once a discussion is done -- at least temporarily -- I remove it from my inbox so I don't see it.

    Email (for me) is for non real-time discussions -- things that can wait.

    If I want real-time discussion, I either use SMS/Text, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Skype, etc. Generally it depends on what medium the other person prefers or at least what software we both use.

    What would Zendit offer an end-user that WhatsApp or FB Messenger wouldn't?

    I think you might have a hard time getting people on your wait-list unless you can find someone with influence (on TikTok, IG, SnapChat, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter) to try your beta software, love it, and want to mention it.

    Short of that, you may have to find some money to pay someone of influence to mention your upcoming launch.

    Your landing page doesn't say much, so it's not very compelling IMO. The UX is nice, but you don't provide any information.

    The only way I would normally add my name to a waitlist for a software or service that doesn't have any information on its landing page is if I heard about it from someone in my inner circle or someone of influence that I trust.

    For example, if someone like Gary Vaynerchuk or @csallen or @channingallen mentioned Zendit, saying they tried out the beta and loved it, I'd be more likely to sign-up to your list even though your landing page doesn't have any info.

    Short of that, your landing page would have to have more compelling information to make me want to subscribe to your waitlist.

    I do think email needs a make-over, so I hope you folks do well with Zendit.

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    Is there a particular type of user that you're looking to sign up? or are you hoping to get raw exposure to everyone? I'd recommend selecting a specific audience that would benefit most from your solution. Then it could be easier to get your product into the hands of people.

    Also, what is "FFF"? I'm not familiar :)

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      Hi! Due to our experience talking to customers, our starting personas would-be students, young professionals, and millennials. "FFF" means Family, Friends and Fools.

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        Ah awesome! So I bet you could get your first 1000 users by figuring out where those personas hang out online, and then advertising to them there.

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          Exactly, we started last week doing that. Thanks a lot!

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    intrigued by the product, but not much to chew on on your website.

    I love the FFF concept though, first time I'm seeing this.

    Why not using the email channel to talk about your email product?

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      That's a great idea! We also have task management, we let you assign tasks to emails and create your own personal board as well. Would love to show you the product one day if you have time! If not, any feedback or suggestion of features would be great too.

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        dude for sure, my email is in my profile if you want to reach out

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          I will! Thanks so much!

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