How to learn SaaS licensing?

Hi All

I'm trying to add subscription pricing into my B2B SaaS project. It's a teams app for businesses so each company will pay and then it will allow users at that company to use the software.

Does anyone have an idiot's guide to coding a subscription system in NodeJS or any advice on how to do this? I'm not a full-time dev and this is a little out of my comfort zone! It would be fantastic if this is B2B specific, although anything would be helpful.

Thanks for the help!

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    I used the guides from Stripe. They literally take you step by step building a subscription model into your web app and your backend. You'd have to use Stripe of course

    For example: https://stripe.com/docs/billing/subscriptions/checkout

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      That's amazing thank you, exactly the sort of thing I'm after!

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    HI @Rich1122 - Looks like you are building in the Microsoft space. Me too. I'm currently building a MS Teams tab app and have done some work on licensing with Stripe and Keygen.sh. (a LAAS platform )

    How I've done set it up is to use stripe to manage the transactions and keygen to provision licenses.

    The LAAS bit validates based on the license they have bought:
    Individual - uses User guid.
    Team - uses tenant guid and number of seats (actually machines per license)
    Enterprise - anyone with the tenant guid

    The validation has to check both Stripe for a valid sub and a license. If you just have a single enterprise entitity then just put the tenant id against the sub and check stripe

    Happy to chat - send me a DM - always want to meet MS devs

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      Yeah it would be great to connect and that definitely looks helpful, keen to use platforms to help wherever possible

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    Subscriptions and payments could be managed through Stripe Checkout, which is a self-service system. Your users self-manage their subscription. You need to implement callbacks (webhooks) so Stripe can tell you when a subscription has been created or modified.

    You could have users sign-in using their email address and use the part after the @ to identify which team (account) they belong to. If their address matches a paid subscription then they gain access.

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      Definitely sounds like stripe is the way to go. I should already have access to their company and they'll sign in via azure AD also so should be able to have a lot of that info!

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    Have you already chosen a payment provider?

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