How to list your newsletter with all major directories automatically and gain subscribers?

Hi, there are so many great newsletter directories but it's a lot of work to submit your newsletter to all of them. I created a tool to automatically list your newsletter to the top newsletter directories with only one submission. Your submission will be shared with the top 5 directories automatically. Free tool here: https://duuce.com/directory

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    Not sure how would this be automated. But I submitted https://microsaasidea.com

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      Great! Submissions will be shared automatically through airtable integration.

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    Really cool, also kind of crazy how you can just go buy a newsletter for $500-20,000 right now.

    Would be interesting to see if some newsletters get sold for a million or more other than what Morning Brew did.

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    Ohh nice. I'll be surprised if Letterlist will accept any newsletters at all. Marc has very high standards.

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      Yes very high quality. Will help him with sourcing high quality newsetters!

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    Nice! This is a useful tool so I've added it to our list of newsletter directories: https://blog.emailoctopus.com/list-of-newsletter-directories-and-aggregators/

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      That's great thanks Hollie!

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    Just what I was looking for!

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    I was about to say Duuce. Good to see you here. What’s your plan? Free forever? And how would you ensure the submitters are happy?

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      Thanks man! Yeah free forever. Will work on the UI (integrate airtable in a native form) though. I'm in close contact with the directory founders and check in regularly to make sure submissions will be posted. For the directory owners it's great to get free dealflow in, it helps their product.

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