How to make $200 per month automatically?

Hey guys. I am looking for a way to passively make $200 per month. Anyone knows any reliable ideas to make $200 per month?

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    Earn 100 a month and then double that

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      WOW :D That's the best comment ever!

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    ask someone who has a job to give you $200 a month.

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    go to warriorforum lmao. this isnt the place for get rich quick scams.

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    Hi there,

    You mean you're asking how passively have an idea to passively make a recurring income? ;) #inception!

    Joking aside, you should first seriously think about the passive income myth.

    When done, list the skills you have in order to better understand what you can do on your own. Coding? Writing? etc.

    After that you could find a project idea you'll have to work on. Maybe lots of hours. You will fail at 90% but if you're smart and lucky enough it may succeed.

    That's when you'll make an income that you'll consider "passive" but which will be just about being paid after a hard work ;)

    I don't want to discourage you but instead making you realize about reality.

    Hope it'll help anyway :)

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    Put $40k into stocks or ETFs that yield 6% in dividends annually.

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    I think those types of questions are not welcoming in this community!

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    Start with earning $1 first. This will teach you a lot of things about creating online.

    Then it's all about adjustments. Regardless of the amount you want to earn, it takes a lot of work.

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    It's easy if you have time and can give atleast 7-8 hours in a week. After 4-5 months you will start earning 200$ per month or more as passive income.

    1. Get a nice sounding .com domain name. Having a good name build trust.

    2. Get an affiliate account on Amazon and other websites which are allowing to join their Affiliate program.

    3. Find what are top selling products on Amazon/Walmart.

    4. Also curate a list of other affiliate sites. Find their top ranking pots.

    5. Curate a list of 20-30 posts from them.

    6. Start writing content one by one.

    In 4-5 months you will start earning. And you can get some Backlinks the that will will give bonus boost. Tried and tested method.

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    Help me reach 5000 subscribers in a month for my youtube channel organically and I will pay you $200. Here is my youtube channel link- https://www.youtube.com/c/NoCodeTalks/

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    I think that is a good topic.
    Maybe I can help you make more than $200.
    Is anyone interested? 😊

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    easiest way would be to start a blog. If you are really new to all of this then I would check out project 24. They are pretty beginner friendly and you can learn enough just through their free content to do something like that.

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    The (nearly) guaranteed way is putting 60k into bluechip stocks/ETFs yielding a 4% dividend ;)

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