How to Make More Content Than Gary Vaynerchuk. 🤯

How to achieve your maximum reach, with minimal work.

You’ve all heard Gary Vee’s famous quote


Which is something I agree with more than anything, but how do you physically make so much content, as Gary Vee does daily without stoppage?

It’s simpler than you think, don’t overcomplicate it, and follow this guide…

How does Gary Vee make so MUCH Content? 🥵

(Taken from his own article)

Gary Vee takes advantage of a very sneaky, yet ethical approach to content marketing. Named after the shape of the marketing workflow, he calls it the “Reverse Pyramid Method”.

At the top of the pyramid and (kind of) the most important piece of content is his longform content.

Longform Content 😎

Longform content is anything like a VLOG, Youtube video, extensive article, etc… Anything that holds a lot of information, takes time to consume, and usually highly converts.

He also refers to this as his “Pillar Content”. For Gary Vee this will be his “Weekly Vlog”, or currently his Coffee-Chats during the pandemic.

For you, this could be:

  • A broad and eclectic blog article with a short tail keyword
  • Long Youtube videos
  • Podcast
  • Group discussions
  • Inside look into your business
  • Day in the life
  • Interviews
  • Keynotes
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • E-Book
  • Movie
  • White Paper
  • research piece
  • etc

Whatever you want it to be, make it extensively insightful, yet enjoyable.
Let’s take a daily vlog/long YT video as an example to use throughout.

So you may think, yes I’ll make a longform Youtube video, and my job’s done.
No, we’re just scratching the surface.

Not only does Gary Vee post to Youtube, but he also posts to IGTV, Facebook Watch, and as an Audio Podcast. Creating nearly 3x as many views, from the painless action of posting to 4 channels instead of 1.
Imagine being able to increase highly converting traffic 4x, from a 10-minute action. Now here’s how to increase it 10x…

Here’s where you can take it a few steps further than Gary: 🤯

  • Post your longform video content to:
  • Youtube
  • IGTV
  • Facebook Watch
  • Podcast (audio)
  • But also include these channels:
  • Hideout TV
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Niche websites
  • Forums

Why will these channels bring in so much more traffic for you? There’s so much less competition there. It’s fine for Gary to post on IGTV and FB where there’s high competition as his following is so established.

However, if you don’t have a brand with a stained following then reaching organic traffic on FB/IG is more than difficult. Instagram has a surplus supply of content, whereas Hideout TV users are craving more. Enabling you to reach more users, with minimal competition.

What you have to realise is that even though you could reach millions of users on Youtube, you won’t even reach 100’s. Yet with sites like Hideout TV, you can’t reach millions, but you will reach 1000’s.

Watch your view count 10x with consistent posting across all mediums, for the price of 10 minutes.

10 minutes for 10x more views. 😱

Shortform Content 🏡

We covered it a tiny bit in the last section, however, there’s some more to it.
Shortform content is a very similar form of content to longform, except you guessed it… it’s shorter!

So you have your really long Youtube video (as the example from above), and you want to make it into some more content. Here are some ways you can do just that;

Turn it into a short blog post — use the transcription from the Youtube video and turn it into a blog post. Select the most educating/engaging parts to upload as an article piece. This blog post should also be posted on Medium and related forums.

Turn it into a podcast — mentioned before, but simply extract the audio and use it on all major podcast players. iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tuneln, Ipodder, souncloud, and many more. You can even re-use the same title and description.

Shorter Video uploads — Clip out the most engaging and interesting parts of the longform video and use them as a separate YouTube upload. For instance, if Gary interviews someone during “Weekly Vee”, he’ll upload it as a separate video too.

MicroContent 🌀

Microcontent is the one that packs the punch. It may be micro, but it’s feisty.
Long/shortform content is where you really convert traffic into customers.

You educate them and move them through the marketing funnel. Microcontent is where you establish a brand identity, create awareness, and drive heaps of traffic from.

So what exactly counts as micro-content? You may normally refer to it as social media, but it goes much further than just that.

Microcontent is usually shorter than 5 minutes to consume, draws attention, and generates traffic.

Where Gary posts to:

  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Story
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Story
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube Stories
  • Tiktok
  • Linkedin
  • Gifs

Where you should also post to:

  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Byte
  • Indie Hackers
  • Discord
  • Quora

How do you practically do this?

  • Clip out the best video moments
  • Take a quote and use it as a picture upload
  • Use a blog as a caption
  • Use the video as stories
  • Create an image for your Pinterest post
  • Extract some of the blog for a reddit post
  • Use the full blog on Indie Hackers
  • Clip out funny video moments for TikTok
  • Answer questions using the blog on Quora
  • Create a white paper from blog for Linkedin

Content published on these platforms is easily consumable, shareable, and creates your brand image. The virality and ease of consumption means you can drive traffic back to your longform. Which is where you will convert most users to customers.

So at the end of all your micro and even shortform content, use a CTA or link back to the larger content at scale. The micro is the traffic driver, the long is the closer.

What results does Gary get? 🤓

In 2017 Gary presented a keynote speech for Dutch Bros in Oregon. He used this speech as a DailyVee Youtube upload and then repurposed it across every other platform. The total view count he achieved was 35 Million.

Longform/shortform — up to 2 hours long:

  • Youtube video — 256,000 views
  • Podcast — 200,000 downloads
  • IGTV — 400,000 views

Micro — up to 2 minutes long:

  • Facebook Feed videos — 20 Million views
  • Instagram — 4.5 Million views
  • Twitter — 500,000 impressions (estimate)

As you can see, the smaller you go — the further you go. Yet this shortform content doesn’t convert. Hence why you should always use a CTA or link back to your longform content.

Gary was able to do 3x his views from simply posting to IGTV and to Podcasts channels, over YouTube alone. And 10x his views with micro-content.
I’m not saying you will get identical results. But the time it will take to re-upload content is minimal, where the payoff is evidently maximal.

What you need to think about first. ✋🏻

(First of all, if you’ve made it this far, well done! You are obviously a very dedicated Content marketer who knows they deserve more traffic and customers!!)

Gary Vee has a whole TEAM of writers, videographers, and marketers to help repurpose his content for him. He is the one creating the longform content, but they are the ones repurposing it to reach a mass audience. 🚀

You as a small business owner or brand don’t have the same resources. Who can hire a team for repurposing content — nobody?

I found Agencies that specialise in repurposing content. But they cost over £200p/m and I could only justify £100 max. I know you will be feeling the same way, so I came up with a solution. 💡

I personally created Spread.Software to ease the entire content repurposing process. Enabling businesses that can’t hire a team, to automate this process entirely.

Imagine uploading a video to YouTube. And it was automatically repurposed into a podcast, that podcast into a blog article, and that blog article into social media posts. That’s the essence of Spread.

For you special few who made it to the end, I’m saying thank you by giving you the full software for free, for life. (Normally £50p/m) http://spreadtech.online 👈🏻

For the first 1000 users only ✅

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