April 5, 2019

How to manage inboxes of multiple domains and projects? Any emailhosting providers with API?


I am looking for a service where I can setup a new domain and inbox via api and can view all inboxes at some kind of dashboard like:
Inbox1 [email protected]
Inbox2 [email protected]
Inbox3 [email protected]

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    I would love to find an easy way to do this. It would save so much time.

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      I found that mailgun.com offers a free API to do so. They POST all emails from all my domains to my server where I can simply store them in a database. No need to configure a mailserver or deal with MX records ever again!

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    I personally use https://forwardmx.io/ and then setup a new send from address in my gmail. Been working pretty well on about 3 domains so far.

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    zoho email do that perfectly

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    Any decent desktop or mobile email app has this functionality built in.

    I use Airmail on macOS for this.

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    Gmail is able to do it if you can configure pop3 and SMTP for your emails. That is my go-to configuration, and if you use the multiple inboxes feature, you can have them separated into different sections.

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      hey do you anything about neuraul network

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      after many years of webmail, I recently switched to thunderbird and have 6 accounts all in one place. makes things so much easier and saves me a lot of time logging in and out.
      Use IMAP(instead of POP) so you can still use webmail whenever you need