How to market and grow your SaaS on Twitter (examples given)

Just finished an article on how SaaS founders can leverage Twitter to market and grow their SaaS business, hope you guys find this helpful!

Beyond simply engaging, commenting, and networking on Twitter, there are other lesser-known, less-popular yet equally effective tactics you can use to grow your brand and revenue.


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    Sweet post. Wonder what Twitter’s DM limit is.

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      There's a limit for sure, though I've personally never hit it.

      I do 20-30 DMs/day when I was just launching Zlappo.

      I've had friends who hit it before, but they were chatting for hours and hours with their friends through DM, so I'd imagine the limit is pretty darn high.

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    Great post, Jay. I'm focusing on Twitter DMs right now as a way to schedule customer research interviews for my upcoming newsletter. Since my target customer includes other bootstrapped founders, it's been a great way to start connecting with others in the indie hackers community.

    Did you track any metrics of how many DMs you would send vs replies and conversions? Also, did you manually search Twitter to identify your target market?

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      Hi Kevin! As I did it as a "thing that doesn't scale" customer acquisition method, I never really checked my metrics.

      However, that's indeed where my first 10 customers (and beyond actually) came from.

      The hit/conversion rate, instinctively, feels low, but with sufficient volume you can definitely validate a fledgling SaaS idea with revenue in weeks.

      That was what I was trying to accomplish -- to validate my idea, and then move on to more scalable channels.

      I can imagine, in the long term, you can use VAs from the Philippines to do this for you, as the job scope is sufficiently structured and repetitive.

      As for locating users to DM, I use 4 tactics:

      • Followers of adjacent/direct competitors.
      • People influencers in your niche are following.
      • Any account they publicly interact with on your timeline.
      • Twitter Lists... So underrated. If people add you to a List, and it's public, look through the list. Also you can discover new Lists by going to any influencer's profile and clicking "Lists this User Belongs to."

      I always check their profiles first to make sure they fit the bill, or, more effectively, that their profiles look sufficiently similar to my current users'.

      Hope this helps!

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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for sharing this. I was keen on trying Twitter DMs, but was worried if they might mark us as spam and might affect our account. Did you face something like any insights will be helpful.

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      If you're worried about spam, I'd use a alternate/secondary Twitter account to do the sending of the DMs.

      As long as you keep it below a certain number (Twitter doesn't share how many DMs you can send per day before triggering their spam filters), I'm sure you'll be fine.

      I'd worry more about identifying the correct users who would most likely be interested in your product vs. just spamming everyone at large.

      The correct users are the least likely to report your DM for spam, since they're most likely to be interested in your offer.

      Good luck, Rajan.

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        Using an alternate account seems sensible, thanks. Yes, I will only contact the highly targeted audience whom we hand pick.

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          For that, one trick you can use is to DM the followers of your adjacent/direct competitors.

          It shows they're interested in your product category at the very least.

          Depending on your positioning and what you have to offer, this can probably be one of the better ways to identify targeted users to DM.

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            That's gold! :) Thanks.

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    Thanks for sharing this! Will use it for [my product] too!

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