May 22, 2020

How to move from 2 to 50 beta testers in beta launch?


Hi everyone. I am Alex, cofounder of . Our customer retention SaaS helps startups keep their customers active. It provides customer health scores, predictable reason(s) for a given customer to decide to leave, and alerts to track customers at risk.

We recently started a 6-month "free" beta test phase, looking for feedback over the period.
However, this beta launch proves difficult: on Reddit, I managed to recruit 2 active beta testers. Their feedback is immensely useful, but obviously we still need many more people onboard.

I don't have a growth hacker background but I am willing to improve at recruiting users. Has anyone gone through this? How did you become better and do you have any recruiting tips? I am now looking for alternative solutions.

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    I have the same problems. I don't have the answer, but others have shared about this before:

    I think it's important to find what resonates most with you. Also, remember in the early days, it's often sales (reaching out to people directly) that gets your first customers and hones your messaging so marketing can be more effective later:

    "So why wouldn’t all founders start by engaging with users individually? Because it’s hard and demoralizing. Sales gives you a kind of harsh feedback that “marketing” doesn’t. You try to convince someone to use what you’ve built, and they won’t."

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      Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for your answer, that helps. I liked how in each story you shared, founders took different paths to get there.
      I guess I have to keep pushing in the channels I observed have worked for me until now (Reddit mostly), but also meanwhile keep reading about growth stories that have worked for inspiration.
      Good luck with Brisa Videos, cool product by the way :)

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        Thanks! The reason I had all those links handy is because I'm building a little "entrepreneur's guide" with categorized links to the best posts on various topics. A kind of eng/content as marketing test for Brisa Videos :)