How to promote application with a narrow niche in digital with a small budget?

In the time when every company has to fight with their competitors for each potential customer, cost per click and purchase grown every hour, ways to promote your ideas without money getting smaller. And if to be true, we don’t found a magic wand that would solve this issue. But we want to say how we promote out application «Learn Azure» with a very narrow niche with a small budget.

Learn Azure is a mobile app which helps users to prepare for Microsoft Azure exams and pass certification for them.

From which point you should start and where you should go?

We started from free groups on Facebook and media, which can publish reviews and articles about us. We have compiled a list of these groups and plan to start publishing there.

At our marketplaces for apps we started work with ASO. We changed screenshots, description, keywords and started following the reviews. All of this has already changed and improved organic search for our application.

Our third step was paid ads.
From half of July we started to launch advertising for our app in Google play and Apple Search Ads. And got 349 installs from Google Play for 0,016$ per click.
2,008 clicks and 67,200 impressions. It’s a great result for the campaign under test.

Apple Search Ads have become more expensive than we thought. Only 82 installs and bids per click from 0,33 to 0,66$. 13,633 impressions.

In total, the number of downloads and active users has grown from 9000 to 11,000+. Also, our Learn Azure project was included in the TOP-4 pet projects of Ukraine according to the assessments of investors and technical specialists.
At the same time, ahead of the first three places in the audience voting. There we are in TOP-3.

We think it's a great result for the first month with more active work with promoting apps, and we believe that in the future it will be cooler.

Our app:
For iOS: https://lnkd.in/eVa5P7H
For Android: https://lnkd.in/eRcp74M

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