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How to rapidly run pricing experiments without developers

Say you run a membership site, SaaS product, or online community. Ever wonder what would happen to your revenue if you suddenly doubled your prices?

Outseta's "Plan Families" feature allows you run these experiments rapidly—simply by turning a toggle on or off—and the pricing on your website will update automatically. No need for developers!

Video tutorial here (this works with your existing Stripe account): https://outseta.wistia.com/medias/kw8xrdwdt2

Step-by-step instructions here: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb/articles/pWrEP39n/how-and-when-to-use-plan-families

Any questions, just holler.

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    This is great, you could also try to use Twik for this. The benefit of it is that it will identify the user who visit your site and will make AI decision making in which user should see which price. This way visitors who are not likely pay double still will see the normal price, and those who can - will see the double one.

    You don't need to toggle, you can let the platform decide and act alone.

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