How to rock Trello as a Roadmap

If you have your own project that you work on, then here is a tip for you: set up a Trello Roadmap board!

My 'thing' is Phojo, a daily photo journal, and I created my roadmap board as a way to get feedback on what features people cared about and not. You can see it here: https://trello.com/b/JqCUWGGN/phojo-roadmap

Halfway through making the board, I realized that a side effect of the roadmap was that I got excited about my product! I could see all the cool things I had planned and it re-energized me to work!

I filled in two months' worth of released features, and discovered another benefit of the board; it will show me my velocity. I saw that I've gotten a lot more done in the last two months than I've given myself credit for.

I tried making a board like this before, and I quickly abandoned it. What did I do different this time? I made it fun and colorful! That is the whole point of all the photos, to tickle your playful nature and stir that creative part of your brain. And, of course, to draw people in.

It is much too soon to know if any of my users will ever vote and comment on these features, but even if they don't, it has been worth the time to create just for myself.

If you have a visual aid that shows your project, link to it in the comments!

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    Great post! I use Restyaboard as a Roadmap for years now. So simple, so flexible, so easy!

  2. 1

    I wanted to do that recently.

    Do you see it as a big drawback that a person needs a trello account to vote on features?

    Recently some dedicated "customer engagement" boards are popping up here and there. Have you tried using those?

    EDIT: I also see that even after logging in voting is not THAT easy. The "vote" button is pretty difficult to find for a person who does not use Trello often.

    1. 1

      I agree that a trello account to vote on features is a hurdle.

      Does your userbase use and know about Trello?
      Are they willing to register if they don't have an account?
      Do you have highly engaged "fans" that would actually vote and comment?

      I've found that contacting your customers personally and asking directly works better.

      Or simply contact customers on the platforms they use eg. Facebook group, or twitter. Depends on where they hang out.

      1. 1

        Yup, definitely plan to reach out to my customers f2f. Thanks!

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