How to send a newsletter 300 Weeks in a row

Today I hit send on the 300th issue of GoSquared Weekly...which felt both like a huge deal, and like business as usual seen as I send it out every week.

It made us think about how we reached that goal. In a practical sense, sure, but also about how some things seem to stick and others don't.

What's the difference between these two things?

When I looked through other things that we do as a team week-in week-out I realised that they were all so tied to our values as a company and a team.

I wrote up a post about how I tracked back our company habits to look at company values, and how by doing that exercise in reverse you can build long lasting company habits that really pay off.

You can read the full post here.

There's also a template board I made in FigJam that you can use to do this yourself.

Would love to know what you think, and what habits you have in your work that reflect your values!

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