How to send a web form without code or any backend

As a developer or web designer, when you create a web form, you need to specify some action. The action is a URL or endpoint that your form will be sent. Meaning that you need a backend (code) that receives your form and send you email notifications, saves the data, and something else.

But what happens if I don’t know how to create a backend? Or what happens if I don’t wanna create backend for a simple form?

For that reason, I’ve created ActionForms.io.

ActionForms.io is a No code — No backend Form sender for developers.

With ActionForms.io, you can easily send your contact forms, surveys, questions, any form or request that you can imagine without coding or configuring a backend.

But, how it works?

Imagine that you are building your own website, your app, etc…

Normally you’ll have a section with a contact form, a survey, or some form that you want to collect information of your users or clients.

Now, you have to send your form somewhere. And here appears ActionForms.io.

You only have to write your custom ActionForms.io URL in your action form, and then, let the magic happens.

What happens when I send the form to ActionForms.io?

When ActionForms.io receives your form/request, then the magic happens. First of all, you’ll have a private platform that you’ll see all your form requests for all your different forms. Let me show you some screenshots:

View of all your forms/endpoints:

If you click on any of your forms/endpoints you can see all the requests with all the information sent:

But… I have to enter the platform if I want to see if there are any new requests? Of course not!

You can set up custom notification channels for all your forms/endpoints.

With just One-click, you can configure to receive notifications of any request received via a lot of notification channels like Slack, Telegram, Email… And a lot more!

What else can I do with ActionForms.io?

We are developing more features every day and improving the platform. These are some of our features:

  • File uploads up to 20Mb
  • Endpoint fields rules
  • Recaptcha integration
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • All notification channels
  • Premium integrations
  • And more coming…

And… how much it will cost me?

Right now we have to different plans. Free and Premium.

Our free plan is completely functional and you can use it in all your projects.

Our Premium plan has a lot of potential features, you’ll have unlimited power and perform incredible web flows throw your form requests.

Stop HERE! If you are here, you’ll have a huge discount, use this code to have a 30% lifetime discount! “MEDIUMMAGARRENT

Thank you for reading this post. I’m Marc, founder of ActionForms.io, follow me on Twitter @magarrent

Also, we have a Discord server available for our users, that we share suggestions and questions about the platform, feel free to Join us here!



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