Freelancers July 4, 2020

How to start freelancing as an all-round digital marketer?


Hey guys! I'd like to get your advice if possible. I have around 6 years of experience in digital marketing working inside different companies from GroupM and Movistar to currently a startup video agency. I've worn many hats from setting up paid ads and optimize them to lead generation, conversion optimization and social media. Though I have great experience and I'm always looking to learn more, I don't consider myself an expert on any of those areas.

I'm not sure how to start as I've seen in sites like Upwork that they ask for lots of reviews or they have a blog or something that back up their expertise. I feel like at the moment I only have my CV.

Appreciate your time!

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    Contributing to communities like Online Geniuses has worked well for me in the past! Share your knowledge, go after the work you want to do.
    Angel List has also netted a couple of contracts!

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    Don't underestimate yourself! Six years of experience and wearing multiple hats is a HUGE asset.

    Instead of a CV, consider building your own website to tell the story you want to tell. Show how your experience is a deep asset that most people don't have (after all, none of your clients will have 6 years of marketing experience like you do).

    Upwork is just one way to find clients – don't let that get you down.

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      Thank you! You're right!

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    Creating a 'body of work' (your portfolio, blog, case studies) would be a good way to start.

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