How To Start Your SaaS

Select your market -
- the most important step before even think about the product Find Your
- find a pain point
- even if you find software try to think if there can you make it simple
- verify your market [internet is a mountain and your traffic is gold inside
that mountain ]
- Simple landing page with things that's excites your target audience ''in
bold because if everything is bold nothing is bold"
- lead magnet give something for free like some sort of blog or anything
that makes your audience give their email address getting email is really
important because they are your potentials uses so won't lose them
- if it is possible start your own blog or try to build your audience before even
think about the product I see many great things happen to people having
great audience

  • There are so many no-code platforms but still, I am confused about them so I
    just left a poll over there hope you answer
  • Learn how to code, find an agency, find a freelancer, or the best find
    cofounder marketing guy needs to find tech cofounder and vice-versa
  • most important determine your exact needs and pricing model
  • go for open source there are tones of code upon which build your software
    don't reinvent the wheel
  • makes things simple it means divide everything in such a way that changes in
    one thing won't break others

Hope this helps cause this is helping me too this acts as a guide before reading about how to build your saas I think it's all about idea and coding but no you need to find your market and audience before anything

this helps you to get motivates and excited about why you want to build this
belief ➡ positive attitude ➡ efforts ➡ results

I am a developer and want to start my own saas I think of this if anyone or everyone joins me in this journey join me I am a developer mostly spend my building someone else's dream but I decide to build my own so I start my STEP1 that is finding a market
I think of why not research together

mail me [email protected] with subject FROM INDIHACKER
DM https://twitter.com/itsanishjain

comment criticism is open so please let me know

did no-code platform helps you build your own saas
  1. Yes
  2. No
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