Community Building June 29, 2020

How to turn obsessive fan communities into customers (a.k.a. what I learned from the CEO of live shopping platform NTWRK)

Sara Wilson @saraewilson

Hey all! I learned a ton about how to build a digital campfire that turns fan communities into customers from my chat with Aaron Levant, the CEO of live shopping platform NTWRK. Below, 5 nuggets of wisdom he shared. His advice really resonated with me so wanted to share in case it's helpful to you!

👉 ID obsessive audiences.
Find fans who are crazy about their “thing” (sneakers, collectibles, comics, beauty, whatever) and create for them.

👉 Think about ways to make your MVPs feel special.
Early on, Aaron Levant wrote personal notes to the top 100 customers. In future, thanks will come via digital rewards like badges, skins, and verified accounts.

👉 Curation is key.
NTWRK curates products and experiences the same way a magazine would, and that's v. important to keeping the community engaged and excited.

👉 Use other platforms to create a feedback loop, and to listen, listen, listen.
Look at where your campfire sits in your consumer's digital ecosystem. This will help inform the mechanisms you leverage to bring people there (and keep them coming back).

👉 Working with influencers can be key, but bigger isn’t always better.
Those w/ smaller audiences can drive higher engagement and more commerce than big ones.

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