No-Code November 23, 2020

How to use Stripe Billing with Bubble

Ben Sears @bsears

Hey no-coders,

I just finished making a video tutorial on how to use the Servicebot plugin for Bubble

In this we go through:

⭐ How to prepare your database for subscriptions

⭐ Creating workflows that are triggered during billing events

⭐ Embedding Servicebot billing pages for the Billing UI

⭐ Setting up plans/products in Stripe

⭐ Creating a basic Freemium flow


  1. 2

    Will Servicebot ever offer a free plan? I think most of us on this website would agree that $49/month is a lot to pay for a bootstrapped startup, especially since you'll be paying that for several months until you get your first users.

    1. 1

      Build a waitlist and grow a community before you build the product so that when you launch you'll have paying users and Servicebot's costs won't hit as hard as pre-revenue. :)

    2. 1

      We are going to be offering a much lower-priced tier very soon (we get it's not a great pricing fit for bootstrappers)

      Do you think there's a price-point that would make sense? (Other than free)

  2. 1

    I think the fee of $15 monthly (Annually paid) is okay. But the 1.9% Transaction Fee is a deal breaker : (

    We're paying Stripe for the merchant account transaction why pay a 3rd party?

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