How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Indie Hackers,

Twitter is one of the social networks that is mostly used by people. In fact, there are many twitter followers in the world today. You can easily explore this market and earn a lot from your business. You need, though, to do things right so as to achieve your objectives. The following therefore are some of the things that need to be done for success to be achieved.

Target by Keywords in the Tweets – People are interested and need various things at different moments. Sending tweets with #keywords that people are interested in that particular time makes it easy to capture their attention. This makes it easy for prospective clients to align themselves with your services. This is because you talk about what they want to hear.

Target by Interests and Gender – Your products and services are ideal for a specific group of people. It is important to target that particular group instead of targeting the whole world. Remember that you don’t need 1 billion users who will buy nothing. It’s better to have one thousand followers that constantly buy from your store. By targeting a specific group of people, you are simply ensuring that your followers become real customers.

Target by Geographical Area – Your area of influence is not necessarily the whole world. What’s more, the people that are likely to purchase most of your products are from the area near you. That’s why it is important to target the interest of people in your geographical area. This strategy is also efficient when venturing into a new market or expanding your business.

Target by Device – Technology has made it easy for everyone to do everything from his or her comfort. Take advantage of this by targeting specific devices. This will make it easy for many people to receive messages from their comfort zone. In turn, the readability and client conversion rates will increase.

Target by Similarity to Existing Followers – You will only expand if your followers continue to increase. It is essential, therefore, to target similar prospective clients. These are clients that have the same interests as the existing ones. This will enable you to expand constantly thus enhancing the sustainability of your business.

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