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How to validate landing pages for for a very early stage newsletter?

Pratik Nandeshwar @Pratik_nan

I want to optimize landing page but given that I started out my newsletter last week how can I test whether my landing page is workable or not ?
I have gone through many landing pages in the past few days and found that there are many different elements but there's no one right fit for all. It depends entirely on service/product you are offering and need continuous optimization based on A/B testing.

I CAN'T follow the above mentioned approach as I hardly get more than 40 visitors per day

So, can you guys tell me how did you work this out at your early stage?

btw, here's my landing page after 3rd modification in past one week -

If possible I would like to get feedbacks on this

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    Looking at your landing page, I don't understand it's purpose, who is it for, why should I care?

    Please keep on mind that you only have like 6 seconds to convince your audience that they are in the right place.

    I would say that you need to address your value proposition and you can start with your one-liner.

    The formula (stolen from Donald Miller) is something like this:

    1. Identify your customer's problem.
    • Be specific.
    • Make sure it's a pain point.
    1. Explain your plan to help them.
    • Make it like a new idea.
    • Make understandable/relatable.
    • Make it brief.
    1. Describe a successful ending to their story.
    • Make it something they want.
    • Make it brief.

    I tried to figure out an example for you:
    Are you always wondering what you're missing out? Wonder no more, as we offer you one place to track all tha data you need, so that you never miss an imporant topic again.

    Play around with the above value proposition, I could not do a better job since I don't really understand what's your product really about and what problem does it solve.

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      Yah , the messaging part isn't clear at all
      Thanks for putting down the above points, I will work on that right away

      and regarding my product

      the description here might help

      I am gonna do it from scratch...thanks again for your time

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        Hmmm, I see now, so you basically save people time from subscribing to all those different pages when they want to learn something about a new subject.

        Maybe this is not really your intended use-case, but I can now see the value, I was somewhat close.

        Feel free to follow me as I'll soon launch a blog that will be focused on growth and mindset around startups.

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          Yah, sure
          Looking forward to it

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    How about having multiple landing pages?

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      There's aren't much visitors so didn't really gave a thought to that.. But considering the feedbacks I am getting, looks like I gotta do
      Thanks for your time

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    Honestly, your landing page feels pretty empty. There isn't much of an offer/solution, your explanation of what DataCards are is very puzzling and too short. I don't know what kind of datacards i'm supposed to get. The different coloring on some words makes it seem as if it is a hyperlink to another page although it isn't. In the e-mail form, I don't know what are the benefits of subscribing. The DataCard chamber should be an example and it should not be the primary focus of your landing page, in my opinion. I think you should make some changes, but also try to give landing page optimization a shot - here are great optimization tools out there. I for one recommend twik, but if you'd like to further consult about these tools, you're more than welcome to reply

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      Ok..I noted down your suggestions

      But I didn't get this point
      "in e-mail form, I don't know what are the benefits of subscribing"
      Can you please elaborate this?

      I never heard about twik, I will check that out

      Thanks for your time.. Looks like I gotta work out from scratch😅

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