How to Win at SaaS SEO (actual framework)

SEO as a SaaS company isn't easy, and it takes time. That's why most vc-funded companies ignore it.

But I suspect that we, who are building this on our own (loving the phrase "customer funded" lately), might have more interest in SEO.

So, for my first post on IH, I wanted to give you one of the best resources I've ever created for FREE.

Here's the results that some SaaS companies got from following it:

  • Doubled website traffic in 3 months
  • In 6 months, brought in 100k site visitors, 1,000 new backlinks and $130,000 in monthly traffic value, leading to $100M IPO
  • In 6 months, increased MQLs by +2,750%

My goal in sharing this is to help indie hackers discover:

  1. An entirely new way of thinking about SEO
  2. The #1 Google ranking factor nobody talks about
  3. Learn how to build backlinks at scale (without begging for them).

Link to watch (free): https://reach.g2.com/event/brendan-hufford

PS - After you check it out, I'd love your feedback in the comments below (seriously).

  1. 8

    Hey Brendan, welcome to IH! Familiar with your work.

    One thing you might find is that you'll get better reception if you summarize the points inside the post itself.

    For me personally, I signed up to the event, but it's hard for me to invest the time to watch it without knowing whether anything inside will be new for me. It's also not easy to skip around this video and look for relevant sections.

    Just a suggestion of what I've seen work well here :) Welcome again!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. How can I better summarize than what I put above? It was my hope that the 3 big things you'll get from it would be helpful in knowing whether to invest the time or not.

      1. 4

        I'd suggest just bullet points of the main topics. You're advertising to folks who have a range of experience from zero to near experts themselves, so narrowing down the focus with some topics would help.

        1. 0

          Hmmm, there’s. 1-3 above. I’ll reconsider in my next post.

      2. 1

        Hey Brendan, I mean summarizing the content of the video itself! So we don't need to watch the video to get value out of your post :) I'm pretty sure that's what Grant means below, too.

        Harry Dry is a go-to example for this:


        Notice he puts the entire content of his newsletter in the post, and there's just a link at the bottom if you want to read more.

        Makes it way easier to start a discussion about what you're sharing!

        1. 2

          Oh you are SPOT on. Thanks for taking the time to link me to Harry’s post. I really appreciate it!

          1. 1

            You're welcome! Welcome again & merry Christmas ^_^

  2. 3

    I wish I would've found this before I paid a digital marketing firm to write "blog clusters" for us. 40+ articles with (according to them) 70+ keywords in each article and after nearly a year - that site has practically zero visitor traffic. The guy that sold us our "package" told us we didn't need backlinks and now that I know more about SEO, it doesn't sound like that's really true.

    The point being I thought SEO was all about keywords and I've been suspecting that's not true. It's clearly more complicated.

    1. 1

      Not complicated, but also not easy. Happy to help any way I can!

  3. 1

    Good video. It reminded me of when Ahrefs wasn’t able to rank for “backlink checker” because what people really wanted was a free tool.

    1. 1

      Glad it was helpful for you! That’s a GREAT example.

  4. 1

    Any tips for backlinks at scale?

    1. 1

      Absolutely! If you check out the video, minutes 25-33 are all dedicated to exactly how we scaled link building for SaaS companies (without spammy outreach).

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