How to Work from Home 🏠 More Effectively?

  1. Maintain a regular schedule:
    Setting a schedule not only provides structure to the day, but it also helps you stay motivated.
    Get up early, get dressed, and try to avoid online distractions once you sit down to work.

  2. Set clear boundaries:
    One way to do that is to set aside a separate space in your home 🏠 for work.
    You also want to make sure your friends and loved ones understand that even though you are at home, you are off-limits during your scheduled work hours.

  3. Take regular breaks:
    Researchers at a social media company recently tracked the habits of their most productive employees.
    They discovered that the best workers typically worked intently for around 52 minutes and then took a 17-minute break.

  4. Stay connected:
    Prolonged isolation can lead to weakened productivity and motivation.
    Make a point of scheduling regular coffees ☕️ and meetings with colleagues, clients, and work peers.

  5. Celebrate 🎉 your wins:
    Focus on what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day to keep yourself motivated

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