How to write an engaging comment on Twitter

Hi everyone! I write a newsletter called Indiegrow where I help my subscribers making friends on Twitter by sending them three tweets to engage and comment daily. This week my subscribers asked for resources about how to write good comments. I researched this topic and thought I could share it here if anyone else wants to step up their social media game.

A wonderful comment helps you make good impressions. I found a fantastic article breaking down the art of writing comments into four parts. I summarize them below:

The Friendly Greeting

This one is simple: refer to people’s names, if you can. It’s nice, shows you pay attention, and you care about who you are talking to.

The Sincere Compliment

Pay whoever you are talking to a compliment. Do you remember going to school for the first time? Everyone is a stranger, and you start making friends with a nice compliment.

The Added Value

Share personal insights & anecdotes. If you don’t share similar experiences, ask an insightful question!

The Parting Promise

If you genuinely enjoyed the tweet, let them know you’ll keep catching them. Everyone on Twitter spends a lot of time creating things, so it’s nice to know that their work is supported!


If you liked these tips, I share them as part of my newsletter to help founders and makers make friends on Twitter. if you feel like checking it out, it is:

👉 indiegrow.substack.com

  1. 1

    I’m amazed at how simple and distilled your idea is.

    I launched a similar side project (https://Pelicancall.com ) which helps people be consistent on twitter by sending daily email reminders. Would love your thoughts.

    1. 2

      hey Sanat, thanks so much!

      and same to you -- it looks great! love the way you broke it down to four parts on the landing page!

  2. 1

    Worth points to execute while engaging on Twitter. Thank you.

    1. 2

      no problem, let me know how it goes : )

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