How To Write Better Copy for Your Project

If you're anything like me, you struggle to write good copy from the get-go. Writing a couple of uninspiring sentences, deleting them, procrastinating, then mustering up the courage to finish it off.

Even though I consider myself a decent copywriter, Neville Medhora's “This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better” has taught me that copy doesn't have to be complicated.

Here are 3 actionable tips for Indie Hackers that will help you be better at copywriting.

Tip #1: Write Casual Copy

People's attention spans are as short as ever. To keep them engaged, you have to write in a fun and interesting manner. However, saying that is easier than doing it. How do we go about writing a fun and engaging copy? By writing in a style that is casual to you.

The simplest hack to writing a casual copy is to imagine that you're sitting in a booth at a diner and having lunch with your friend Matt. Now, try to explain what you're selling without boring Matt to death.

Neville Medhora suggests these 4 steps to write a more casual copy:

  1. Grab your phone to record your voice and start recording.
  2. Pretend you're in that same booth having lunch with your friend.
  3. In your own words explain to him why what you're selling is so amazing.
  4. Stop recording, and transcribe exactly what you wrote.
    Voila, there's your casual copy.

Tip #2: People only care about themselves

When reading through your copy, people will not care that you have graduated from an Ivy-league university or that you have tried really hard to make this copy good. They'll only care about what your service or a product can do for them.

“When people come across the things you write, you immediately want to get their attention by at least implying what it can do for them.”

Additionally, always try to dumb your copy down. If you start noticing that you have to re-read the sentence for it to make perfect sense, delete it immediately.

“A good copywriter does not try to impress a reader, they try to inform the reader with the least amount of words.”

Tip #3: A.I.D.A.

Use the following framework when writing your copy. This is mostly related to blog posts and emails but can also be applied to other forms of copy.

What is A.I.D.A. then you might ask?

Great, attention-grabbing headline/email subject.

Now that you've got the attention, tell them interesting facts and interesting things it can do.

Show them what life could be like with the products. Tell them how much faster a problem would be solved with this. Show them how someone's life was greatly improved and how they can have the same results.

Get them to go and buy it/take action.

Describe how to do that action and tell them what will happen after they do it.
Hold them by the hand and describe how everything will work.

I hope you found something useful here! I've recently started The Booketlist
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