Growth May 24, 2020

How Twinings ran A/B testings in 1706 and pivoted from coffee to tea

Leo Nagano @Leo

1/ Learn the skills

Thomas Twinings worked hard to learn everything he could to then go full time in his business

Twinings timeline

2/ Problem - Solution

Twinings problem/solution

3/ Test, analyse results then focus on distribution

Twinings distribution

Key Takeaways

Twinings takeaways

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  1. 2

    Keep up the good work. I subscribed to your newsletter.

    Which tool you are using for creating graphics.

    1. 3

      Thanks Falak! I'm using Google Slides for the graphics. I launched a challenge to be profitable using iPad, so, no code tools only. Will also write on my Twitter about it.

      Fyi, this is the stack I've been using:
      Logo - Used Canva
      Posts - Google Docs
      Timelines - Google Docs and Slides
      Images - Imgur
      Newsletter - Substack

      1. 1

        Good story and great presentation, love the challenge using the iPad as well!

        Keep us updated :D

        1. 1

          Thanks! Will do. I'm also active with the latest in my Twitter

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