How we deal with plan limits in the front end of our SaaS app


I just published a new weekly post in my "We're building a SaaS!" blog.
This time I take a closer look at how I handle feature and plan limits in our Vue.js frontend. The learning can probably be applied to any modern frontend framework though.

I hope this helps other builders out there plugging away at this part of building a SaaS, as there are not a lot of examples out there.


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    Nice post Tim. Going to have a good read through these this weekend. Curious how you deal with security on the front end with plan limits. With my SaaS apps,​ I usually do that sort of stuff on the backend.

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      Hi Scott, not sure what you mean by "security on the front end". There is basically no actual security on the front end, except for logging in. All of the stuff in the front end gets enforced in the back end. I went into this in an earlier post https://blog.checklyhq.com/how-we-manage-plans-features-in-our-saas-app/

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        Hi Tim, apologies! I had only read through briefly. Will dive into it this weekend 🙏

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