How we got 800+ new users thanks to the Product Hunt launch

Unique situation! The launch of LeaksID on Product Hunt gave us a generally good result, about 700 visits to the site and 90 registrations. We, of course, have heard stories that sometimes a launch on this site is converted into something more only after a while, but we couldn't believe our eyes right away. Almost exactly 3 weeks after the launch, we had a sharp jump in new users on the site, and more importantly, in new users of the system. One day brought us about 400 additional visits and 100 registrations. But then the situation escalated, users' flow became even more powerful, and in five days, we had 3k+ new visits to the site and 700+ registrations with a trial subscription. We began to look for the source of the boom and found it in Telegram. One widespread Telegram channel about IT made a post about us, then their post was spread to another 35 media. Analyzing the text of their announcement, we understood that this was a copy-paste of our description from our PH launch page. So the total result, thanks to the Product Hunt launch, is 800+ new subscribers!

Here is such an exciting case about PH, in case you are still in doubt whether to launch there or not.

Our PH page: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/leaksid

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