How we got our first paying user within a week of adding payments

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    Super cool project! How do you compete with other existing similar solutions? I would suggest you check what other products are doing and try to offer something different.

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      There are other recording tools out there. We are trying to differentiating by having no downloads or chrome extensions, and having the simplest UI to use. We are also working on SEO so that we rank high on google for important keywords so that we are more discoverable than our competitors.

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    This is a very cool product - I love that its a plugin and the output is a URL - it's dead simple for the person on the recording side and they are likely doing a one-to-many distribution of their recording - the people viewing the recording are getting exposed to the service by a trusted person who sent the link so there has to be some virality baked into the design.

    It's not clear if I can turn on the microphone while recording - Does it record voice along with the screen? That would be huge but it's not clear. In the case that the plugin cant record from the microphone you could add the ability to add voice-over to the recording after the fact but that would be a bit clunky.

    If you go freemium you can limit the amount of time something can be recorded as a way to push for an upgrade.

    You have a challenge here where someone might send out a link and it gets a million views you need to serve somehow. How do you deal with that?

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      Yes, there is an option to record your microphone at the same time. There is a toggle on the main page that enables this. You are not the first person to miss this, so I think the UI could be fixed to make this more noticeable.

      Currently, we are limiting the amount of views to 1000 views to prevent having to serve millions and racking up server costs, but I guess this could be increased with premium features as well.

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        It's not the prominence of the feature - you should clearly state "Record your screen and your own audio commentary along with it" - you are recording two separate things but seemingly focusing on just one. to someone who has NEVER seen this before it simply wasn't obvious to me.

        If you put a decent price on the pro version it will cover any runaway viewings of a single video when you get large enough. I would lock down the number of views for the free version. If the free people hit a wall on recording time and distribution that will agitate more upgrades.

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          Thanks for the great feedback. I’ll definitely make sure to clearly state that it records audio as well as video in the value prop explanation.

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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share an article on Medium I wrote about how we got our first paying user for RecordJoy! If anyone has an other tips on how to monetize I would love to hear them.

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