Growth November 27, 2020

How We Lost a Client Because of Delays in Development!

Harsh Vijay @harshvijay
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    True, this happens many a time to many of us. So, you are not alone :). But then, I loved the way how you pivoted that loss to build something cool like ruttl, I just saw your website, it's a very useful one to so many, and it's very neat and intuitive. Am sure this is going to be a game changer when it comes to feedback loops. Good luck!

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    Very cool, I actually signed up for the beta. Any chance you can get me in, with a perhaps early access?

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      @Amulya just check if you've received the access email yet?

      If not, you can simply visit this link below and get started to use ruttl

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    This is insightful, thanks for sharing!

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      Glad you found it useful!

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