How we went from $250 to $1,480 without direct marketing in one month.

Hola everyone,

How you all doing ?! Hope good.

So... a month ago we posted this post on our poor conversion...

We took action

Firstly, We asked the IH community and we got a lot great answers but, personally, I took one to myself and improved it. (The one from @fromtheexchange)

We decided to make huuuge changes, we started from our landing page and built 3 different landing pages and put them on A/B testing.


A.- Features/benefits design landing page, SAAS style.
B.- Main product first, features/benefits aside
C.- Same as B but rebranded 100%%

See a tweet with A and B:

This is more or less the actual design, C:

The product

The feedback was great from the IH community, and we thought that we should provide more value so, we decided to overhaul all our templates and we are converting the most popular to UI KITs.

And we already feel the difference.

The pricing

While doing this, we were under a sales campaign that wasn't really working and because now we have UI Kits we changed the pricing, what and who we offer what.


  • Up to 5 seats
  • 18 Templates + updates
  • UI Kits Huge value
  • HTML & Next.js
  • Figma files
  • Flexible license
  • Priority Support


  • 17 Templates + updates
  • HTML & Next.js
  • Figma files
  • Flexible license


  • 17 Templates
  • HTML & Next.js
  • Flexible license

Following up, the pricing page was also redesigned. Instead to go from low to high we went from high to low on the tiers...
wickedtemplates.com pricing page

The design

Personally, I had always thought that when we had dark mode was selling pretty good, not like to buy a palace, but the sales were there.

Said and done, it became dark and raw, with personality.

Underneath you can see the landing page with all the templates, then the other page is the features, which is short, but is explains all of it straight away.

landing page


We are an open startup sharing our growth on a newsletter, we send issue sporadically, only when we feel is time to tell something about our learnings.

You can subs here:

and follow us on twitter if you fancy:


We are also an open startup and we have a page where you can follow all of it.


Have a great day

  1. 8

    All these new designs looks really smooth and cool.
    Congrats on sales.

  2. 7

    Hey man, just wanted to point out that at the bottom of your website it incorrectly says "Did we convinced you" when it should say convince.

    Also, if you're looking for tactical growth strategies, I'd be happy to introduce you to our growth advisors over at SparrowTheApp.com. DM on Twitter.

    1. 1

      oh man, I thought I corrected it.

      Thanks alot

  3. 3

    Switching to UI kits was a smart move! You guys are super talented. Congratulations!!

    1. 1

      It worked superb. Gracias Gustavo 😁

  4. 2

    The best design seems to be one you're using for your website. Can you make a template out of that?

    Will you be updating the templates? I bought the freeelance tier, will new templates be a part of that?

    1. 1

      Hey debut!

      I had been thinking that actually, to make a theme from our site, but is our branding.

      The Freelancer is of course getting new templates, in fact I have already updated the Freelancer and Hobby withe the new Startets, Harmony and Shadow.

  5. 2

    These templates truly are wicked 🙏 Love the product, Michael! 💪

  6. 2

    Love this story Michael!
    Would you like to come on my iHeartMedia podcast to talk more about it?

  7. 2

    Promotion is important with a great offer. create different offers & promotional tools... don't stop or settle for this... keep growing

  8. 2

    Congrats on the sales 🚀 you’ve improved and earned it. Looking forward to what you make next!

    1. 1

      Thanks a log for taking your time.

  9. 1

    Congrats man. I wanted to know how much time did it took to create current templates.

    1. 1

      Well, within the two other layouts for own site and 3 UI KIt's less than a month.

      Yes, I made three, but I did not like one of the one of them and removed it.

      I was building the templates day, night and on my brakes at work because I wanted to swap to UI KIT's quickly.

  10. 1

    Congratulations on going from $250 to $1480. I had a glance at wickedtemplates.com. Not convinced why you're different.

    Why should one buy from you instead of other template sites?

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot.

      Can you please elaborate with "different" ?

  11. 1


    and Wicked 🤔

      1. 1

        Next step. MLM, the wicked pyramid

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