How would you get traffic to your content?

Hello 👋

Lately I started streaming on twitch again and I am thinking of posting programming tutorials on my youtube channel as well. But as we all know getting people to visit you is super hard. What I do is post on reddit and twitter when I start a stream and hope people come naturally or through my posts. I know it takes a lot of time to get some audience, but it is even harder when you stay in a shell and don't let people know you exist.

So the question is what would you do to get some more traffic 🤔

You can check me out here 👍

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    I am not expert at this but this is what is working ok for me so far. I have created a set of blogs that go in depth on frequently asked questions and topics. I monitor social feeds (twitter, reddit and FB groups) for relevant questions, answer them with short notes and guide them to my site for more in-depth view.

    You can try public slack communities, other dev sites.

    Devs are also active on blogs like dev.to so you can try writing articles there.

    The important part will be how you balance time. Some sugggest 50-50 split between creation and promotion. You can try more on promotion initially.

    Good luck!

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    You can use Twitter search and search by a keyword. Then get on those peoples radar. Like their posts, follow them, message them. See which of these 3 gets you more results.

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      I see. Thanks for the advice :)

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