How would you market my webapp?

Just shipped my first product, addtocal, today! 😃 It's a service that lets you create events quickly and share them over social media such as twitter, Instagram stories (via the new link stickers), facebook, etc.

What differentiates addtocal from others is:
a) Event creators can easily tune every aspect of the calendar event, even including the reminder time (i.e. remind attendee 15 minutes before / 1 day before / etc).
b) The event link is shareable within Instagram stories. This was not trivial but I made it work!
c) Event attendees don't need to sign up, give their email, or give up any of their data at all in order to add an event to their calendar. They just tap the button. This removes friction and should increase clickthrough rate (CTR).

Before answering my question, give it a try (works best on mobile):

  1. Event creation page: https://addtoc.al/events/create
  2. Example event page: https://addtoc.al/events/1

My question is: how would you market my webapp? I am very lost + confused when it comes to marketing. I'd appreciate any pointers you can give! 😃

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    On my mobile (Galaxy s20 note) the demo page downloads an ics file, and does not trigger the calendar app.
    If I open the file, it asks me if I want ro open it with one of the calendar apps.
    You can checkout this open source for some hints on how to make this work in different environments

    Good luck

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      Thanks very much for the UX feedback! That flow is a specific quirk of Android and I am trying to figure out a way to make it smoother. I will check your link, and hope to find an elegant solution

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    The best marketing strategy which will work for you at this stage (stage of 0-100 customers) is:

    1. Go to Facebook, Facebook Groups -> On the sidebar, you will find many upcoming events/webinars/fests/meetups, etc. Go DM /email the creator of those events and ask them if they would like to list their events on your portal.

    2. Do the same for Linkedin Events.

    3. Do the same by visiting some other webinar or event listing portals from the internet.

    For now, focus on:

    1. Remote events/webinars than any local events since that can bring more event watchers.

    2. And events having due date a little far away (because the nearest event will expire sooner and your effort will go waste).

    Now to market it to the event subscribers, you can do these:

    1. Share the event links in related Facebook & Linkedin groups. (But this is a real laborious job and often I experienced a lot of bounce rates).

    2. Second effective thing would be to share the links on your social media pages and also do not forget to tag the creator of the event. Because the network of the event creator would be more likely to be interested in those events than any of your random audience, especially when you are just getting started.


    Now you will find 1000s of such event creators. Don't go behind everyone to start with otherwise you will burn out.

    To start with, focus on those event creators who usually create reoccuring events periodically. This way you will build a long term relationship with them.


    I hope you will find these tips useful.

    If you need a CRM to track your leads, feel free to check out ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

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      This is fantastic advice, thank you! I will remember to tag the event creator...it's something I have not been doing so far. And I'm doing my best to focus on recurring event creators rather than one-offs because yes, they actually get consistent value from this and will likely convert to paying clients

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    Write helpful stuff about event management and organisation!

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    Starting a blog that tells you about the last events in your country or across the world is a good way to start, your product is a niche product .. so you should own the event Niche .

    Then the "share this page " should be " Invite your Friends"

    Cheers, great product

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      Thanks for the advice!! That sounds great, I will change the wording of the 'share' link

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