How would you position this product(ized service)?

The Problem:

Small businesses struggle with digital marketing and waste countless hours and dollars in the process

The Product:

Automated video content creation for small business digital marketing campaigns

The Process:
1️⃣ Businesses complete a simple web form used to populate their customized Customer Engagement Portal (https://imgur.com/a/EtrXWzw 👀👀)

2️⃣ Businesses share the link with their audience/customers and solicit content like testimonials or personal stories from customers via embedded video recording feature

3️⃣ Content collected through the Customer Engagement Portal is automatically edited, branded, and optimized for their selected digital channels (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)!

💥 Boom! High-impact digital marketing video without barely lifting a finger.


  1. Set up in under 5 minutes, continuously curate content forever
  2. Easily leverage proven growth marketing strategies and high-converting tactics - even if you know absolutely nothing about digital or content marketing!
  3. Quality content at 1/4 of the cost


How do you position this product?
  1. Crowdsourced content marketing for your business
  2. Automated creative for digital marketing
  3. Content marketing automation for business growth
  4. None of the above. These are all bogus. Keep trying...
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